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Generator High Voltage Categories

Generator High Voltage Categories

Generator High Voltage Categories

Generator High Voltage Categories

Generator High Voltage Categories



Eliminate human body electrostatic ball is an instrument for electrostatic discharge of human body in flammable, explosive and anti-static places.

The human body electrostatic discharge alarm compensates for the shortcomings of the current human body electrostatic discharge method, reasonable release of human body electrostatic resistance, prolongs the human body electrostatic discharge time, reduces the instantaneous release of energy from the human body static electricity, effectively avoids the occurrence of electrostatic accidents and the phenomenon of human body being shocked. . At the same time, our human body electrostatic discharge alarm touch-sensitive body contact with the touch ball is reliable, no moving mechanical parts, sound and light alarm indicates whether the static electricity is released.

The human body electrostatic discharge alarm is a new generation of explosion-proof products designed for the petrochemical industry. It can intelligently detect whether the static voltage of the human body has been removed. When the static voltage of the human body exceeds the standard, an audible and visual alarm will be given. It adopts anti-static material, effectively prolongs the static discharge time, and safely releases static energy. During the static discharge of the human body, it ensures no electric shock and no spark, which eliminates the hidden danger caused by static electricity accident. At present, some places still use metal conductors to directly discharge the ground to eliminate static electricity. Although this method can eliminate static electricity of the human body, the electrostatic charge is discharged in the form of discharge between conductors, the release resistance is small, the electrostatic discharge time is short, and the instantaneous release energy is large, thereby causing the possibility and inevitability of the human body electric shock or electrostatic discharge energy being too high.

1. Working power: high performance built-in lithium battery

2. Sleep current: <1mA

3. Working current: <5mA

4. Working temperature: -40 ° C ~ 60 ° C

5. Response time: <1s

6. Grounding resistance: 55Ω

7. Explosion-proof grade: ExibIICT6 Gb

8. Static voltage resistance: ±20KV

9. Alarm mode: sound and light alarm (>90dB, 30cm linear distance measurement)

1. Buzzer

2. Explosion-proof touch ball

3. the sign board

4. pole

5. the ground wire.

1. Ultra low power design, no need to replace the battery during normal use

2. Touch sensing, no mechanical moving parts

3. The overall epoxy resin seal, anti-corrosion, waterproof, moisture-proof

4. Explosion-proof touch ball, safely discharge static electricity, human body contact does not produce electric shock

5. Sound and light alarm indicates that the human body is in contact with the explosion-proof touch ball and the electrostatic discharge is completed.

6. The grounding wire is independently tested, and the grounding resistance meets the standard to ensure reliable grounding.


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