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Generator High Voltage Categories

Generator High Voltage Categories

Generator High Voltage Categories

Generator High Voltage Categories

Generator High Voltage Categories


The TE1018 Static-Check Meter is a sample, easy-to-use and inexpensive unit that indicates how much static is present on a person and that drains the charge to the connected ground. This unit can be held in the hand or mounted to a wall. The TE1018 Static-Check Meter is the all-around audit tool for your protection against static.

To check for a static charge or buildup on a person and to

ground the charge, simply set the unit in a convenient place

and press a finger to the rectangular “Touch to Test” plate.

The LCD will display a range of “0000” volts to “19,990”

volts in the LCD depending on the static buildup on the

person under going the test. Them touch the 10mm. stud

next to the word “Ground”. This will discharge any static

charge immediately.

• Quick visual display of static from 0~19,990 Volts.

• Touch to test static in both positive and negative polarity.

• East to ground by simultaneously touching 10mm. snap contact.

• Low battery indicator built into liquid crystal display (LCD).

• Micro-power circuit allows 9 volt alkaline battery to continuously display for approximately six months.

• Conductive static-safe carry case with protective anti-static foam included.

• Detects how much static a person is carrying.

• Audits any potential static generator or dissipater including the following.

Wrist Strap, heel grounders, toe straps, static-safe shoes, chairs, table mats, ground leads, purpose-built floors, garments, static sprays, floor finishes, the difference in potential between two people or materials etc.

Before using the TE1018 Static-Check Meter for any of the below tests, ground the meter using the provided six-foot cord. The cord has as a 10mm. snap at one end and 4mm. banana plug at the other end.

The 10mm. snap and the 4mm. banana plug are a common ground the TE1018 Static-Check Meter.

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